I have been involved in biathlon for 16 years in Primary School no. 263 and in the Uczniowski Klub Sportowy
„G-8 Bielany”. In the early years of my work I taught sport shooting and from the very beginning I have been
working with children in sports classes conducting biathlon trainings.

The school where I work has had a very rich sports history since 1985. At the beginning the sports school had only one class in modern pentathlon. Nowadays the school offers swimming, olympic taekwondo, modern pentathlon and biathlon. Beside the school there is the sports club UKS „G-8 Bielany”. Considering all sports, the UKS „G-8 Bielany” was placed 9th among all Poland’s clubs in 2022.

In my work I’m interested in periodization of training and training data analysis. I broaden my knowledge on my own by reading specialist books and by looking for information on IBU websites literature base. I also take part in courses organized by the International Biathlon Union, Institute of Sport in Warsaw and Polish Biathlon Association. The third source of my knowledge are conversations with other biathlon coaches. I exchange concepts on training and I am open to other coaches advices about training or equipment.

On- line

For those people who have the knowledge to train on their own

From 100/month
  • Training project
  • Ongoing training check (Garmin, Polar, etc)
  • Online chat (skype, messenger, etc.)
  • Analysis of training
  • Doing the tests yourself
  • Analysis of physical fitness tests
  • Teaching and correcting exercises on-line Additional fee
  • Set of strength exercises Additional fee
  • A set of motor exercises called core, mobility, rolling Additional fee

Your health and safety comes first before start training must be done:

Medical consultation

Medical tests

What you need for training:

Sports equipment

Watch with HR monitor (Garmin, Polar, App)

Acceptance of the terms

fill in the declarations

What you are paying for:

Individual training plan

Analysis of your training plan

Updating your training plan

Contact skype, mail, telefon, etc.

Coaching online

My requirements.

Keeping a training diary

Training information transfer

Notification of other factors affecting training